Sunday, June 23, 2024

Microsoft Announced Information Protection Sensitivity Labels in Power BI Desktop

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Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta
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This week Microsoft announced Information Protection Sensitivity labels in Power BI Desktop app.

If you are BI Architect or Data architect, you would know with ever growing enterprise data and integrations, how challenging it is to design visualization interface keeping in mind all security requirements and compliance regulations.

Requirements like always encryption, content marking and protecting content across apps and networks and not just at source, are not easy to meet. Sensitivity labels as part of Microsoft Information protection can help with classifying and then protecting the content across apps and networks. This is even more relevant in 2020 because of major shift to work-from-home culture.

After this update from Microsoft, you will be able to classify and protect “.pbix” , similar to protection available in office clients. You will also be able to enforce encryption settings on labeled “.pbix” files.

For more information regarding the announcement – Click here

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