Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Artificial Intelligence use by U.S. Airforce for first time on military flight

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Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta
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A news that can surely be considered as a major leap in use of A.I. for military purpose: The US Air Force (USAF) announced that it used AI on a military aircraft for the first time ever during a training flight this week.

This flight marks a major leap forward for national defense as artificial intelligence took flight aboard a military aircraft for the first time in the history of the Department of Defense. The AI algorithm, developed by Air Combat Command’s U-2 Federal Laboratory, trained the AI to execute specific in-flight tasks that would otherwise be done by the pilot,” says the USAF release.  

Artuμ — an artificial intelligence algorithm was given control of the spy plane’s radar and sensor systems and was tasked with finding enemy launchers (surface to air missiles) while the U-2 pilot scanned for adversary aircraft, sharing the U-2’s radar with the AI co-pilot.

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Photo credit: https://media.defense.gov

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