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SQL Server 2019: Top new features

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Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta
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With ever changing data trends and customer needs, it is critical for software firms to improve and add new features to their products and services. Microsoft announced general availability of SQL Server 2019 in November last year. This release included various features targeted across Big Data, Real-Time insights, AI capabilities.

Below are some of the top features of SQL Server 2019 in my opinion.

Big Data Clusters

With SQL 2019, Microsoft introduced ability to deploy Big Data cluster of SQL, Spark, HDFS on Kubernetes. These data clusters can then be used for AI, machine learning, analysis tasks.

Intelligent query Processing

As we all know SQL 2016 introduced concept of Query Store. SQL 2019 enhanced the capability by updating granted memory for both batch and row mode operators. This will help with performance related issues with query and execution plans.

Database Recovery

The Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) feature available in SQL server 2019 version widely enhances the database recovery process by implementing the process of recovery by rebuilding SQL Server Database Engine in presence of long running transactions. The ADR feature is handy in case of cluster fail overs, redo operations within Availability Groups as well.

Memory-Optimized TempDB Metadata

This feature as part of In-Memory Database feature overcomes the performance issue that exists because of TempDB contention. This is an instance level setting which affects metadata by moving most frequently used TempDB tables to latch free memory optimized tables. Thus enabling improved scalability of TempDB heavy workloads.

Reporting Services

With release of SQL Server 2019, an upgrade to SQL Reporting Services and Report builder is also included. This version now supports Azure SQL Managed Instances, Power BI Premium Datasets enhanced accessibility, Azure Active Directory Application Proxy, and Transparent Database Encryption.

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Look for my article on SQL Reporting Services and Report Builder 2019 where I will be posting details and features.

Check out this link to know in detail about the SQL Server 2019 features.

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