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Power BI Tutorial: Analyze Web App performance using streaming dataset

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Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta
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What is Power BI?

Power BI is the business analytics service provided by Microsoft which includes software services, apps, connectors and, enables users to create their own dashboards and reports.

Power BI includes 3 components:

  • Power BI desktop
  • Power BI SaaS App
  • Power BI mobile app

Did you know that in 2020 Gartner recognized Microsoft as a Magic Quadrant Leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms for 13th year in row?

Introduction to Streaming Datasets

Power BI supports various kind of datasets like flat files, excel, database etc. Streaming datasets is one of the available types. The streaming datasets empowers users to create real time reports on the live data stream. Some of the areas where this can be useful are:

  • Analyzing IOT sensors data.
  • Casinos slots performance in real time.
  • Sports live scorecard dashboard
  • Traffic real time analysis

Summary of the use case

In this post, I will cover one such example to explain use of Streaming Datasets in Power BI. I have taken an example of analyzing performance test results of a web application from multiple locations at regular intervals. This example includes:

  • Power BI : Configure streaming dateset, report and dashboard
  • Web app: Application on which performance test is done.
  • Power shell script: To perform performance test and push mock data to Power BI.

Implementation steps

Go to Power BI SaaS App and create a Workspace

Create Streaming Dataset

Add and define the schema for the dataset

Create a Dashboard and Add Tile with Real-Time Data

Configure the tile based on the schema defined

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Copy the PowerShell script from PowerBI API info screen

Performance Test script

I have created a sample performance test script for this tutorial to get the response time for a web application. Feel free to modify as required but please note this does not come with any warranty or support.

Created a function based on PowerShell script copied from Power BI

Run the script to push the data

Output created in the Dashboard configured previously

Other visual can also be configured similarly.

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