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Introduction to Azure Synapse

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Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta
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Last year, during Ignite conference, Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Analytics (“the next evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse”)

If you have worked with any sort of Big Data, you will know the complexity behind implementing and managing a Data Analytics Solution in an enterprise. Right from dealing with performance issues to troubleshooting issues with pipelines, can be some of the challenges with enterprise scale analytics solution. Add to the complexity of creating a data story out of the insights using one of the visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI etc.).

Azure Synapse is an interesting concept that brings together data warehousing concepts and big data analytics at enterprise scale. Consider it to be single solution for all major actions of data in a BI solution i.e. ingest, prepare, manage and serve.

Below is the demo video from Microsoft Ignite where Azure Synapse is explained taking example of a gaming firm

So what’s included in Azure Synapse?

  • Synapse SQL
  • Spark
  • Hybrid Data Integration
  • Azure Synapse Studio

*Please note many of the above components are still in preview stage. Refer Microsoft product page for details.

So what will a simple Azure Synapse based solution include?

  • Ingestion Process: To ingest On-Premises data to Azure Storage Blob
  • Azure Data Factory for data transformation
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Analysis Service for data analysis
  • Power BI for data visualization

In near future we will be posting tutorials, reference designs & quick tips regarding Azure Synapse.

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